the anal pear device

(See also Vaginal Pear)

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From Death In The Harem

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Anal Sex: Reading The Signs

From ErosBlog: The Sex Blog: "Ok, ok, sometimes we men are pigs. Certainly the old 'Oops, I slipped it in the wrong hole' game never won us any style points, nor any good anal sex, either." (More...)

Settling For Buttock

From ErosBlog: The Sex Blog: "There’s only so much isolated dick your average straight fellow can bear to look at. Will you settle for buttock? You’d better settle, because this week it’s buttock or nothing. The theme is frat boys gone wrong. First we have the stereotypical paddling" (More...)

More Anal Sex Blogging

From ErosBlog: The Sex Blog: "You have to love a blog entry that starts 'And then I am kneeling on the bed, ass up in the air, and I am not quite sure how I got this way.'" (More...)

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glass buttplugGlass Butt Plug:
This glass butt plug is a beautiful and cleverly designed anal insertable with a handle that can also act as a probe. Handmade one piece at a time with scientific quality borosilicate glass, these probes are smooth, heavy and cool... (More...)

lube shooter anal grease gunsLube Shooter Guns:
These disposable lube shooters put lube between the butt cheeks, not on the sheets. Instructions for use: remove the plunger, pour lube into the shooter and depress until the lube oozes. Gently insert lube shooter into your favorite asshole and slowly depress the lever. (More...)

Spanking Them Butt Hooks Perky Butts Sex Up The Butt
bondage and fetish video game -- Kink 3D

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